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Lost with pocket aces against a trip 3 on the turn, did i mess up the hand or just unlucky? ... Your job at the poker table is to make the most money when you have the best hand and lose the least when you think you are beat, poker players don't really see this game as gambling so much, it's more like a game of exploiting player weakness ...

Aces are not Invincible. If we were to get all-in pre-flop 100 times vs any 2 cards, Aces would lose about 15 times on average. The hand with the most equity against pocket Aces is 56s (of a different suit to the Aces) and has ~23.1% equity. The hand with the least equity against Aces is A2o (2 is same suit as one of the Aces) which has about 6.5% equity. What's the odds pocket Aces will hold up? - Poker - Gambling -... The probability you will get pocket aces in any one hand is 6/1326, or once every 221 hands. According to my 10-player Texas Hold 'em section (/holdem/10players.html) the probability of winning with pocket aces is 31.36%, assuming all players stay in until the end. Analysis of the Best Poker Hand: Dissecting Pocket Aces (AA) Aces are the best hand in the game of poker, but they're not invincible. You still have to try to charge people to draw against your hand. Otherwise you haven't caused your opponent to make a big mistake, and that's where all of your profit comes from in this game - the mistakes of other players. Lost with pocket aces against a trip 3 on the turn, did i mess up...

Second, the more opponents you are facing while holding pocket aces, the less chance you have of winning. Against one opponent with a completely random hand, aces will win just shy of 85 percent of the time. Find yourself with aces against four random hands and your chances of winning diminish to slightly more than 55 percent.

I was wondering what you all do when you have pocket aces. It seems no matter how I play them I always end up losing the hand. I have heard Why is playing pocket Aces safe bad... - Tournament Poker Greatest pocket hand you can have, AA. I have seen it played wrong so many times. Depends on a tournament you re playing, but pocket AA Try This if Your Cracked Pocket Aces Cause Meltdowns [2019]

Oh god, we've all seen this happen, but you probably haven't seen it in a $1 million buy-in tournament. But with 18 out of 42 entrants remaining, and a $15 million prize sitting at the end, Connor ...

Best starting hand against AAs? - Learning Poker - CardsChat™ This is a discussion on Best starting hand against AAs? within the online poker forums, in the Learning Poker section; Saw this question on pokerschoolonline. Which starting hand has the best chance against pocket Aces and why? Best hand to have vs AA - Poker Advice - PocketFives

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Starting Hands - Poker Hand Rankings - Top 10 Poker Hands.The way I'm thinking about it, 56s and 67s have smaller chances to make a straight than 78s and 89s because there are already two dead aces pre-flop (so less chance the board will be A 2 3 4 5 or A 2 3 4 6). 78s and 89s have all of their... Texas Holdem Poker Odds Calculator - Best Hand Against … Obviously the best hole cards against pocket Aces are pocket Aces but the next best hand is not quite as intuitive (65s *0). It is also interesting to note the worst hand against pocket Aces is A9o *1. s = suited o = off-suit *X = how many unique suits of the hand match a suit of the pocket aces.

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What is the most likely hand to beat pocket Aces? How To Play AA | Starting Poker Hands Learn the advance strategies to play pocket aces. What if you get Two Aces as your Starting Poker Hands? Know how to play AA in the game of Texas Holdem Poker.